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Sound Juicer's primary function is the extraction of audio tracks from CDs, and to then encode them into a compressed audio format. It currently provides the following features:
*Automatic track tagging via CDDB
*Encoding to ogg / vorbis, FLAC and raw WAV
*Easy to configure encoding path
===Files for lossy ( ogg / vorbis ) format are far too big, and don't play===
This problem is a collision of two mistakes:
1. The programmers of Sound-Juicer have neglected to generate an error to the user when the gstreamer plugin for the ogg-vorbis format is not present. Sound-Juicer instead generates large files which I think might be FLAC format. They still however have the .ogg file extension
2. The package maintainer for Sound-Juicer has not included the ogg-vorbis gstreamer plugin as a runtime pre-requisite. The latter should be easily fixed and I should follow it up.
The solution is to install these packages from [extra]:

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