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Simple steps to install and run Starcraft on an Arch Linux AMD64 system:

Install and config Wine:

  1. Install lib32-wine from AUR.
  2. Run winecfg
  3. On the drives tab, click Autodetect
  4. Click "Show Advanced"
  5. Select the drive letter representning your optical drive
  6. Change type to CD-ROM
  7. On the Audio tab, I had to click OSS Driver (instead of Alsa) and check "Driver Emulation"

Install Starcraft:

  1. mount starcraft disc ($mount /media/dvd)
  2. cd /media/dvd
  3. wine install.exe (install as you normally would)

At this point the game should run fine. My starcraft disc installs an older version which only supports IPX networking. I downloaded the latest patch from blizzard and ran it using wine. It patched Starcraft to allow TCP networking, which worked flawlessly.