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Starting X automatically at login to a virtual terminal.
Automatic login to virtual console
Display Manager
Silent boot

A display manager can be used to provide a login screen and start the X server. This article explains how this can be done using an existing virtual terminal.

To manually start X, startx is used, which will execute ~/.xinitrc, which may be customized to start the window manager of choice as described in the xinitrc article.

Shell RCConfig File

To easily accomplish this, add to your shell's rc config:

  • Bash - ~/.bashrc
  • Zsh - ~/.zshrc
  • Csh - ~/.cshrc
  • Ksh - ~/.kshrc

The following:

[[ $TTY == "/dev/tty1" ]] && exec startx


Warning: When doing so, if you use PulseAudio remember to set correct dependencies for the autologin systemd service to ensure that dbus is started before ~/.xinitrc is read (see: BBS#155416)
  • If you would like to remain logged in when the X session ends, remove exec.
  • To redirect the output of the X session to a file, create an alias:
alias startx='startx &> ~/.xlog'
  • If you have a profile config (~/.bash_profile, ~/.zprofile, etc...) place it in there instead to only run on successful logins.