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Taken from the Stjerm page: Stjerm is a GTK+-based drop-down terminal emulator similar to the consoles used in PC games such as Quake and Half-Life 2. Stjerm sets itself apart from similar programs by providing a minimalistic interface combined with a small file size, lightweight memory usage and easy integration with composite window managers such as Compiz.


Stjerm is available in the AUR: stjermAUR


Stjerm can be configured via the terminal or through the .Xdefaults file located in your home directory. For example, to run stjerm with F12 as shortcut key, the opacity of 60 and a green foreground color, use:

 stjerm -k f12 -o 60 -fg 66ff11

To specify the same options in the .Xdefaults file:

 stjerm.key: f12
 stjerm.opacity: 60
 stjerm.foreground: #66ff11

For a complete list of options, see the ConfigurationOptions wiki page.

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