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MPD is a program for playing music via a deamon process instead of using a client. It also incorperates a music database for quick access, playlists, and a variety of frontend options.

Step 1: Set Up MPD

  • Install MPD via Pacman
 # pacman -S mpd
  • Edit the config file

Open up /etc/mpd.conf in your favorite text editor. The first line you need to change is

 music_directory    "/mnt/music"

Replace /mnt/music with the location of your music files. Uncomment out the lines beginning with db_file and pid_file as well.

  • Create the database

MPD relies on a cache database to find and organize your music. To create this database execute:

 # mpd --create-db
  • Start it up!

To start MPD, just execute

 # mpd

Step 2: Getting a Client

MPD has many clients. Personally, I prefer NCMPC, a ncurses-based client. If you prefer a GUI, you can install glurp. Of course, both are availible via pacman.
Start up your client of choice, and play arround with it.

Step 3: Setting up Icecast

  • Install Icecast via Pacman
 # pacman -S icecast
  • Edit the configuration file.

Open up /etc/icecast.xml in your text editor du jour. The main section you want to pay attention to is <authentication>. Inside the <authentication> block are all the passwords that icecast use. I STRONGLY RECOMEND you change them.
Icacest defaults to listening on port 8000, and you may also change that if you wish.

  • Start icecast

You can start icecast by executing:

 # icecast -b -c /etc/icecast.xml
  • Test it.

Make sure Icecast is running by opening up http://localhost:8000/ in your web browser. You should be greeted by an Icecast2 Status page. This indicates everything is running properly.

Step 4: Configure MPD to be an Icecast Source

Again, open /etc/mpd.conf.