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Subsonic is a music server that lets you store your music on one machine and play it from other machines, cell phones, via a web interface, or various other applications. It can be installed using the Template:Package AUR package on AUR.

Additional config

Run subsonic daemon NOT as root

Stop subsonic daemon is running


Change folder owners as follow. Path may changes; these are the default ones: Template:Codeline

Change this line in Template:Filename


with this one


Restart subsonic daemon



UTF-8 file names not added to the database

You must have at least one UTF-8 locale installed.

If you start subsonic using Template:Filename, and your /etc/rc.conf has Template:Codeline, then the subsonic daemon will be started with the C locale, and Java will skip any folders with "international characters" (e.g. ßðþøæå etc.). Either set Template:Codeline to Template:Codeline (but this will affect all rc.daemons), or add a line to the beginning of Template:Filename which sets Template:Codeline to an installed UTF-8 locale, e.g. Template:Codeline.

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