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Subtle is another tiling window manager with a very flexible and dynamical layout, client and view tagging, mouse and keyboard control as well as an extendable statusbar.


  • Install subtle from AUR.
  • If you prefer bleeding edge you can check out the latest version from the mercurial repository.


On start subtle will check if a config file is available in the typical XDG paths and use it. A local config is preferred over a system wide. (See Template:Codeline)

Then it will have a look for sublets in the XDG paths too and load them accordingly. (See Template:Codeline)

No system wide sublets will be loaded per default.

  • To create a user config just create $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/subtle and copy the latest config from the dist folder into it.
  • To enable sublets create $XDG_DATA_HOME/subtle/sublets and create symlinks to the sublets. (Load order is alphabetically)

Always compare your existing config with the one of the repository/tarball to get the latest options.

This and more info can be found on the subtle website.

Note: The default keybindings use the numeric keypad for selecting window size-positions ("gravities") which is awkward on a laptop where NumLock will be required, so laptop users will want to rebind these functions.


If you have problems, suggestions or just want to talk about subtle feel free to join #subtle on or drop a mail to _unexist_ at _dorfelite_ dot _net_.