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Okay i want to describe here how to set up a tftpd server under archlinux.

At first thing is to install all neccesary stuff:

pacman -S mkpxelinux tftpd-hpa dhcpd

Now we need to do some configure stuff at first we will create our dhcpd.conf file.

The config is located in /etc/

and have to look like this (basic dhcpd config)

ddns-update-style interim;

subnet *your subnet here* netmask *here your netmask* {
        option routers                  *here ip of your router*;
        option subnet-mask              *your subnet here again ;)*;

        option domain-name              "here you can put your domain name if you dont have one take";

        option time-offset              -18000;     # Eastern Standard Time
        next-server *here ip of your maschine where dhcpd is running*;
        filename "pxelinux.0";

        allow booting;
        allow bootp;

        range *here the range of ip adresses your dhcpd is allow to take example:;

remove the ** form the config ;).

after this you have to run

mkpxeboot -a

this will create all images and stuff to boot. Now we replace the kernel and the initrd.img with the newes from the install iso.


when download is finished we nearly finished.

mount -o loop /where/the/iso/is/located /path/to/mount/
cp /path/to/mount/isolinux/initd.img /var/tftpboot/
cp /path/to/mount/isolinux/vmlinuz /var/tftpboot/

now last config and then we can fireup all the stuff

nano/vi/joe... /etc/hosts.allow

and add this line:
tftpd: ALL
in.tftpd: ALL

now do

/etc/rc.d/tftpd start
and in a terminal

Now you can start the pc you want to install.

Good Luck espo