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This page was created to schedule TU meetings.

Next meeting can be at:

  • 15/16 November
  • 22/23 November
  • 29/30 November

And we should discuss the results of the pkgstats script and the direction for the [community] repo.

Please, add your name below and the time/day that fits best for you.

Please specify your availability in GMT.

This site might help if someone is unsure about the time: GMT clock

Nick 15-16 Nov 22-23 Nov 29-30 Nov GMT
Simo (neotuli) Cant Any Time Any Time GMT-6
Daenyth Daytime/early night Daytime/early night Daytime/early night GMT-5
ElasticDog Any Time on Sunday Can't Any Time on Sunday GMT-5
Ghost1227 any any any GMT-5
Hugo (hdoria) Cant Any Time Any Time GMT-3
Kessia (even) Cant Maybe Any Time GMT-3
abhidg Sat 1100-1730, Sun 0330-1730 Sun 0330-1730 Sun 0330-1730 GMT
louipc 16 Nov: 1400- Any Time Any Time GMT
firmicus Sun 19-23 19-23 19-23 GMT
angvp Cant night night GMT+1
gummibaerchen Any Time Any Time Any Time UTC+1 // CET
Ronald (pressh) 15Nov:night;16Nov daytime/early night 23Nov:daytime/early night 30Nov:afternoon-night GMT+1
Anders any any any GMT+1
BaSh *-23 or 04-* *-23 or 04-* *-23 or 04-* GMT+1
Dragonlord Cant Any Time Any Time GMT+1
StefanHusmann Any Time Any Time Any Time GMT+1
Partition 13-20 13-20 13-20 GMT+1
pizzapunk Sat 12-17, Sun 11-16 Sat 11-17, Sun 11-16 Sun 11-16 GMT+1
foutrelis Cant 8:00 - 16:00 Cant GMT+2
Neverth Cant 11-21 11-21 GMT+2
gcarrier any any any GMT+2
sergej 20+ 20+ 20+ GMT+3
iphitus * * yep GMT+11 (trust me to have the odd timezone out)