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Where can I find documentation on calling AIF from the install CD with my own configuration file? The installation Guide and this guide don't mention actually invoking the installer, nor have I found anything on the AIF main wiki page..?

Flag AIF pages as deprecated

According to my post in the form i suggest marking all pages concerning AIF as deprecated or at least with a notice that AIF is not longer used / supported by the latest installation media. This shall help to prevent misleading new comers. - W4RH4WK (talk) 15:08, 6 August 2012 (UTC)

Preserve AIF pages for Development

Attempting to find information about AIF and get a current copy of the AIF code, all I found was this page. Regardless of whether the AIF pages are flagged out of date/whatever, they, along with links to the current code, need to be preserved and accessible somewhere to those who are interested in fixing it.