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== Bluetooth (de)activation on 2.6.32 ==
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Hi all, I'm writing in talk because I just tried kernel 2.6.32 on the EEE 901 and I have something to report. I'm actually not using archlinux, I just found this wiki very helpful for my setup, so feel free to ignore this comment (and even delete it) if the situation here doesn't apply to you.
In my case, bluetooth was toggled via an rfkill interface, pretty much like wireless, except that rfkill[bluetooth] = rfkill[wlan+1]:
  echo 1|0 > /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/rfkill/rfkill1/state
The problem that I found is that the numbers of the rfkill interfaces sometimes change, therefore I'm using the following script (to be run as root) for bt toggling:
# enumerate rfkill devices
for rfkillDir in /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/rfkill/rfkill*
# check for bluetooth device
if grep -q 'bluetooth' "$rfkillDir/name"
echo "Found bluetooth in $rfkillDir"
read state < "$rfkillDir/state"
if [ "$state" = "0" ]
echo "State was OFF. Turning ON"
echo 1 > "$rfkillDir/state"
        echo "State was ON. Turning OFF"
                        echo 0 > "$rfkillDir/state"
I'm sorry if this is OT and if it doesn't help you, I just thought that it might. --[[User:IngFrancesco|IngFrancesco]] 08:11, 29 April 2010 (EDT)

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