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(Complete re-write / split needed)
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[[User:Thayer|Thayer]] 13:49, Mar 15, 2009
[[User:Thayer|Thayer]] 13:49, Mar 15, 2009
Does the AOA110 really need that extra attention? Does SSD's really get worn quicker than HDD's? Any sources on this?
--[[User:Trontonic|Trontonic]] 19:35, 24 March 2009 (EDT)
== Article formatting and contents ==
== Article formatting and contents ==

Revision as of 23:35, 24 March 2009

Complete re-write / split needed

I believe this article needs to be completely revised to account for the new 10.1" models, which don't seem to require half the adjustments or concerns included here. Perhaps we should split this into two articles--SSD and HDD versions, or AOA150s and AOD150s. I will work on my own notes as time permits and make the appropriate changes.

Thayer 13:49, Mar 15, 2009

Does the AOA110 really need that extra attention? Does SSD's really get worn quicker than HDD's? Any sources on this?

--Trontonic 19:35, 24 March 2009 (EDT)

Article formatting and contents

There are 2 models of the Aspire One, this is mentioned at top.

The article then goes on to write as if they both use faulty media that will die if you write to it. This is a CONCERN, yes, but recent discussions surrounding the media used for the non-hd model indicate that this may in fact be more FUD than truth.

The article should give the person installing on an Aspire One _understanding_ of their media, and allow them to make choices; not _assume_ the person wants to set up an exact duplicate of an Ubuntu system.

I may rewrite sections of this later, right now, I am thinking perhaps I'm overreacting. I'll come back to this later and review.

(Also, the 'xorg.conf' posted as the original does NOT match my copy. Some keyboard tweaks based on the fact that I'm in Finland. (Which, surprizingly enough, the initial install had in the xorg.conf but NOT in the loaded software - no .fi locales at all beyond that (: ) Lastebil 16:03, 20 August 2008 (EDT)

Deletion of section "How to install kernel26-one?"

This section is totally unneeded. First, everyone using Arch should be able to know about "pacman -U", can't be that difficult. There is also no initrd needed as was falsely suggested by the section. And more importantly we have a section about the custom kernel. Expand that if you feel you need so.

What I was thinking about maybe adding a sub section how to get kernel-one installed right away during initial installation process. Like with "pacman -U -r /tmp/install kernel26-one-". Ideas about this? --Inkaine 22:40, 6 December 2008 (EST)

Suspend with mounted SDHC

Is there a proper way for suspending while having an sdhc card mounted without configuring and compiling a kernel myself? Doesn't work here, once it ruined my FS... Lobotomisator 15:00 09.12.08

Eee 900HA

Regarding the proper frame buffer (1024x600 natively), I can confirm that this works on a Eee 900HA if anyone would like to put that on this page. ( I don't want to as I just signed up for this and I don't want it to be marked as spam.)


fdisk -l

The fdisk -l at the bottom has a swap partition, despite the advice towards the top of the page not to use one. Maybe there should be separate ones for the HDD and SSD models? Or perhaps the SSD advice should be split into a different article - not necessarily AAO specific, something like "Arch on SSD"

-- trontonic> One needs a swap partition in either case if Hibernate is to work, as I understand it.


Anyone made the microphone (internal or external) work with the kernel26-one kernel? I can't make it work.


Is this line needed or just overcautious?

If you have problems with r8169, try r8101.

Removal of the userspace fan control solutions

As the userspace fan control solution (acer_ec.pl) has possible race-conditions, which can damage the hardware, the kernel module acerhdf should be used instead. Acerhdf uses atomic kernel functions to prevent those race-conditions. That's why I think only the kernel module solution should mentioned in the wiki. What do you think? piie 19:22 14.02.09