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There are 2 models of the Aspire One, this is mentioned at top.

The article then goes on to write as if they both use faulty media that will die if you write to it. This is a CONCERN, yes, but recent discussions surrounding the media used for the non-hd model indicate that this may in fact be more FUD than truth.

The article should give the person installing on an Aspire One _understanding_ of their media, and allow them to make choices; not _assume_ the person wants to set up an exact duplicate of an Ubuntu system.

I may rewrite sections of this later, right now, I am thinking perhaps I'm overreacting. I'll come back to this later and review.

(Also, the 'xorg.conf' posted as the original does NOT match my copy. Some keyboard tweaks based on the fact that I'm in Finland. (Which, surprizingly enough, the initial install had in the xorg.conf but NOT in the loaded software - no .fi locales at all beyond that (: ) Lastebil 16:03, 20 August 2008 (EDT)

Suspend with mounted SDHC card

Has somebody found a way for suspending while having an SHCD card mounted? A section for that would be great. I couldn't find a way, maybe we need a self compiled kernel.