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systemd service -> AUR Package

In reference to to the 12/22 modification by Hgabreu (it seem he doesn't exist anymore...) I've created a little service who launch the script described here : [1]

It works fine on my computer so I created a package on AUR, for sharing this little thing with the community. It doesn't depend on a deprecated file from initscript, (/etc/rc.local), it's full systemd :D

You can try to install it : numlockontty package [2]

the service name is numLockOnTty, so you just have to enable it.

If you think it's useful, we can edit the page to add theses instruction (in proper snglish because mine is a little poor and pretty awful... sorry I'm french ^^") --Ybalrid (talk) 19:37, 2 January 2013 (UTC)