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I think this entire page needs a revamp. It's absolutely huge, and it appears to be inaccurate/outdated in places. Can I get an amen? Also, it appears to present only the evdev method, which is not exactly the best method (imwheel is probably easier and requires less configuration). We should consider at least reorganizing the information so that it does not present evdev as the 'ultimate answer' to the problem of mouse buttons not working properly. CocoAUS 23:13, 21 September 2007 (EDT)

Does anyone have mouse hotplug working with "evdev" input driver? Some posts on Xorg mailinglist have led me to believe that this is currently impossible. Using the "mouse" driver with "ExplorerPS/2" protocol however seems to work for me, probably due to the fact that I use /dev/input/mice, which stays available even when my USB mouse gets disconnected.


I think it should be mentioned that the evdev driver isn't at all necessary to get the thumb buttons working in Firefox/Nautilus, at least not for a Logitech MX518. You can simply follow the instructions under Post Configuration -> Konqueror. imwheel will do the trick, without the hassle of modifying all the entries in your xorg.conf. ~Thayer.w -- Wednesday, 04 July 2007