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Possible Inappropriate Use of Wiki

Since this is a 3rd party / unofficial project, shouldn't this have it's own website, which can then be linked to from Arch? Having this kind of info in the Arch wiki makes it seem like an official, supported project. -- Fukawi2

No, it's what a wiki is for. The fact that it's a "community" project is evident in the article itself, hence "unofficial". The JAD made use of OpenSUSE's wiki in the same manner (and after it ceased, all articles were ported over), and I believe this is the correct way to utilise a wiki system whereby fragmentation is prevented (the project need not create a wiki system for itself).
In essence, you make use of what you can. You can't reuse a forum, you can't reuse a website, but you sure can reuse a wiki ;) Furthermore, this project is just a small packaging effort, so a one-page wiki article is enough for all its worth.
-- schiv 13:11, 24 June 2009 (EDT)