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#REDIRECT [[Talk:Arch-based distributions]]
'''Note: Please append your comments to the end of this page. Thank you.'''
=Big Update to the Page=
Good day everyone,
I did an extensive rewrite of this page. Some of the distros originally listed on it had gone inactive, so I created a section for Discontinued Distributions and moved them there. I then created an Active Distributions section, and listed all the active Arch based distros that I could find there.
Each distro has a description, and a links section which includes Homepage, Forums, Documentation, Screenshots, and DistroWatch Entry - if any.
If you find any material in need of correction, or if any active distros go inactive, or newly active distros comes along, please update this page or contact me.
Luke Seubert
=Note to Ajbw and Vinz=
Hi guys,
I apologize for editing over the top of your most recent revisions. I was working on an older version of the page offline, and I did not see your latest changes. If any of my changes require tidying or fixing up, please feel free to do so. I note that some of your descriptions are a bit more complete and well written than my copied boilerplate taken from the respective distro websites.
P.S. I fixed the wikipage so that your original material for Chakra and Shift Linux are now restored.
=Note to Graysky=
Thanks for adding LinHES, Graysky. This wikipage is getting to be fairly complete and up to date I hope. Good work on the addition.
Also, thanks for being cool with the editing of your original contribution. Your idea to develop an ArchWiki page for LinHES with all the detailed information you want to present was a good one. Thanks for adding the link to that article on this page.
=Thanks jensp=
Thanks for adding the entry about Chaox. Kudo on the excellent formatting work.
=FireFly Linux=
The info provided about [[Arch-based Distros#Firefly Linux]] is erroneous. But trying to understand something from the FireFly linux site is difficult, it is still kind of work in progress... Anyway the only version available for download is based on LXDE. I will edit the wiki entry about that but if someone knows better, he is invited to check my editing!!
=Firefly Thanks=
I edited your entry to tighten up the language and make it "dictionary speak" - took out personal pronouns and such.
=Changing the Format=
Sorry but this page's format <strike>is</strike> was a mess. There's no need to have '''Description''' and '''Links''' captions. Those you can infer from the content.
There's too much padding and unnecesary space. And there's no need to include the format in comments either, just leave a note saying "Keep the format as the rest of the entries".
--[[User:Gog|Gog]] 08:15, 19 October 2009 (EDT)
=More Potential Distros=
I found another distro that seems to be Arch-Based.
- [[User:Louipc|louipc]] 15:01, 26 November 2009 (EST)
== Chakra no longer Arch Based? ==
You may want to remove chakra as Arch Based, because it seems according to [http://chakra.sourceforge.net/news/index.php?/archives/2-Development-Release-Phoix.html this] article, it is not going to use pacman as far as I can tell.
"''There was a rumor about splitting from ArchLinux. Yes that is right. How we want to pull it off?
Simple! Amnon did a big step and continued what Jan Mette started in the dark. During the first week of his vacation he built over 900 pkgs for our new Distribution Chakra GNU/Linux. He splitted it into three repositories''

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