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I applaud this excellent resource. Misfit138 07:51, 19 March 2009 (EDT)

Recent archiso changes

Please be aware of recent archiso-git changes and update this article if necessary.

Proposed move

I would like to propose moving this page from Arch_Linux_for_the_blind to the actual name of the project, TalkingArch. One of the main reasons for the move is that TalkingArch, being the name of the project, is more familiar than Arch_Linux_for_the_blind, but there is currently no TalkingArch page in the wiki. Also, lynx is shorter and easier to type from the command line on the live CD than lynx if someone would like to read the wiki page once the live CD is up and running. Of course, a move like this will leave a redirect, so that anything that linked to Arch_Linux_for_the_blind would still work, and anyone who still has the old link can still use it. Additionally, the editing history will also properly move to the new page.

Leave any thoughts at the end of this section. I will leave this discussion up through the end of March 2014 before actually making the move, unless there is an overwhelming responce either way. Kyle (talk) 01:19, 9 March 2014 (UTC)Kyle

Please do this! Three weeks is not long to wait, but I say if a couple more are infavor of the move and no one is against do it sooner./I think three comments is about as overwhelming a response as you are likely to get...smiles.

B.H. Burt1iband (talk) 20:36, 9 March 2014 (UTC)