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Hi thar! If you guys have any questions or trouble when following this guide, please do post it here, I will come back to you!

--Svenstaro 19:14, 3 June 2009 (EDT)

Confussion with some aspects.

I'm a little confussed as to some of the explanations on the wiki page. When editing the mkinitcpio.conf, do we need to do this inside the chroot, or create a seperate one? If so where do we put this? (As I'm sure was the case with the previous version of archiso), and the same with packages.list.

Also, does archiso need to be installed within the chroot,? The wiki says:

Build a basic iso.

[chroot] # cp -r /usr/share/archiso/configs/baseline /tmp
[chroot] # cd /tmp/baseline
[chroot] # ./

and exit from chroot, but there is no "archiso" directory within the chroot.

Thank you.

kYd - Aug 23 (00:44 BST)