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I tried to follow this guide, and I mostly worked, but not completely, and for a while I was completely stuck until I found this one: . I am sharing my experience here.

My phone is Nokia 2630, and my GSM operator is mtel. These are the settings they provide:

Where I needed to diverge from this guide:

1. I didn't need to use passkey-agent. I supplied the PIN I chose in the relevant field in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf . Then I did "hciconfig piscan" / "hciconfig hci0 piscan" which enables discovery of the PC by the phone; I told the phone to pair itself to the PC and then supplied the same PIN phone-side. You can also tell the phone to not ask you every time the paired PC wants to connect. No need for passkey-agent, but you do need dbus to be running. When the phone stopped finding the PC during scanning after I changed /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf and restarted the bluetooth daemon I disabled the phone's bluetooth and reenabled it, and that solved the problem.

2. Very important, upon running "pon mtel" / "pppd call mtel" I used to get a message that /dev/ppp does not exist and was given a command with which to create it. I got the idea to try and enable some ppp modules, it worked with ppp_generic. When I ran lsmod later I saw other ppp modules loaded too, like ppp_deflate, which didn't surprise me... I don't know much about that but if you have a problem just load ppp_generic (modprobe ppp_generic) and it will work.

3. I got "command not known" for all the lines of /etc/ppp/peers/mtel upon running "pon mtel" / "pppd call mtel" with the script given in this giude. This is where I got stuck. With the script given in the guide I linked in the begginning there was no such problem. I think the problem was that /dev/rfcomm0 was not the first line of the script.