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From ArchWiki talk:Reports

There are bootloader configation info in many places. To clean things up, we should create a single page on bootloader configuration. This page should cover at least GRUB Legacy, GRUB and Syslinux.
At the same time, I already think we should have similar page for "Start Service" to cover both rc.d and systemd.
-- Fengchao (talk) 06:45, 11 July 2012 (UTC)
I agree on both points. A bootloader configuration page should also include info on LILO, unless LILO is on its way out.
-- Jstjohn (talk) 14:09, 11 July 2012 (UTC)
+1 to both. You can include info about any bootloader that works. -- Karol (talk) 16:41, 11 July 2012 (UTC)
...and here comes the killjoy :D I haven't understood exactly what you all mean with a "bootloader configuration" page: as you've pointed out, we already have articles for each bootloader, what would you put in that article without duplicating information?
Of course I agree there's no need to repeat everywhere how to pass kernel parameters either, but I'd just like a sentence like "please refer to the article of your specific bootloader" with bootloader being kind of a short introduction page to our supported bootloaders with links to their articles. Maybe such a page could, for each bootloader, provide links to specific sections in the various articles talking about common operations just like passing parameters to the kernel.
However, I repeat, it's likely that I've just misunderstood your intentions ^^'
About the "start service" page, we could just update Daemon to support also systemd, right?
-- Kynikos (talk) 21:18, 11 July 2012 (UTC)
Here we all agree that a bootloader page should be created. It should contain short indroduction and clear link to all specific bootloader.
My original idea is listing all kernel parameter settings in to the page. The info duplication count will be reduced from many to just two. This duplication will help readers find their information by only one click, not two.
However, I am fine with just a index page. Both the choice will improve the current situation.
-- Fengchao (talk) 11:14, 12 July 2012 (UTC)
Sorry I'm still a bit confused: do you want to create a "bootloader configuration" page or a "kernel parameters" page with a list of the most common kernel parameters? To me they seem different topics, and the fact that you can set kernel parameters (among lots of other things) in the bootloader configuration is just incidental. -- Kynikos (talk) 13:05, 12 July 2012 (UTC)Arch
Maybe the confusion come from the page title is too general. The page is proposed for the following situation:
  • Arch used to Officially support Grub Legacy, So lots of places mention menu.lst.
  • Arch now moved to Grub(2), but as Jstjohn said, we should keep both GRUB Legacy and GRUB2 examples around for quite some time
  • Add Grub2 info along side GRUB Legacy will duplicate info.
  • When GRUB Legacy really die, we have to update all of them again.
What I propose is refactor those bootloader specific info out into one page. So we need not to change them again and again. We can give the page a specific name based on the info we refactor out. -- Fengchao (talk) 02:39, 13 July 2012 (UTC)
So this new page would be kind of a Rosetta Stone for bootloader configuration? Anyway, I won't delay this project anymore, it seems you have a clear idea in your mind, so just go on, we can adjust it later if needed ;) -- Kynikos (talk) 10:04, 13 July 2012 (UTC)