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What about regdom setting? I'm in EU, but iwlist only sees 11 channels... Tried crda, but it says: $ /etc/rc.d/wireless-regdom start

Setting wireless regulatory domain:HU [BUSY]

command failed: Operation not supported (-95) [FAIL]

The section 'Troubleshooting' is more or less a copy of what is mentioned on the udev-page. IMHO we should not copy, but link to that page. In this prticular case there is more information on the udev-page, so the instructions on this page might be out of date...

I have the same configuration mentioned in the instructions. Dell Inspiron with BCM4401 and BCM4328 cards.

I still can not get these two cards to work together.

I have configured my machine just like the method stated but my ethernet card (b44) will not load.

Is there something else that could cause a conflict between multiple Broadcom modules?

any thoughts on where the new brcm80211 driver fits in, and howto use it with arch linux?