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Part-1 / Installation should simply consist of a link to the efax-gtk AUR page, and optionally a link to the ABS wiki page. The specifics of Arch package building are covered elsewhere, so there is no need to include them here. Additionally, some of your instructions are incorrect e.g. makepkg does not need PKGBUILD as an argument. -tomk

Update needed

This article needs more or less a complete rewrite

  • title is not correct, "Arch Linux" is not necc. but efax should be in the title, also hylafax is in the repositories too...
  • efax-gtk is in community
  • make clear that efax is included in the package
  • openoffice => libreoffice, but make clear that you can test it from all software that can print
  • add logfile configuration, and maybe something about cups logging
  • add something about cups and auth (link to cups configuration)
  • tell something about: standby for receiving faxes
-- inktvis75 2012-03-18