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Wiki rewritten by thewall

Hi, I followed this wiki two days ago and now Optimus technology works fine on my laptop, but I found this wiki a bit confusing. I decided to rewrite it. I'm not a linux-expert and i'm not English (I'm Italian), so feel free to correct what I wrote.

Main changes explanations (ordered by sections):

1) Setup X Server: I put this section as the first. New Bumblebee's versions create a xorg.conf.nvidia.pacnew file, so I added a cp command. 2) Load Kernel Module: I reordered this section with this logic in mind: first, get rid of nouveau at all; second, load nvidia module. 3) Start Bumblebee Daemon: I created a section for this. This way you don't need to reboot and it's more clear what you're doing. 4) Start VirtualGL Client: Well, I deleted this section because I think it's not needed to make bumblebee to work. I never run that command to use optirun or optirun32. 5) Usage: I added optirun32. It seems to work fine with Unigine Tropics benchmark. 6) Autostart Bumblebee: I created a section for this because this operations were all around the wiki. This way it's more compact. 7) Nvidia ON/OFF... : Everything is fine here. I added the command to check battery rate only. About last section: I got an ACER Aspire 5742g (Nvidia gt540M) and if I followed the steps to turn off my card: well, my power usage is higher(+400mA) with the card turned off and nvidia module unloaded! I know it's unbelievable, but it's true. Anyone is experiencing this? Bye