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Hi, I would like to have some feedback regarding my addition to this page: Cpufrequtils#Cpufrequtils and Laptop Mode Tools.

Thank you.


Laptop mode

I think it's good. What we need, at least in my opinion, is to make this page a bit more pedagogic. As for now I see users becoming confused as to what module(s) they need and how to set it up. A user in the forum misunderstood this wiki page and struggled because he/she did add practically all possible modules to rc.conf.

p4-clockmod + ondemand governor issues

Hello, I'd like to point out that there's an issue with the p4-clockmod driver combined with the ondemand governor, as seen here:

In short, the advice given in this wiki article isn't actually working(anymore) and for a newcomer(like me) there isn't really a working substitute(as in re-compiling the kernel and modules).


I found that acpi events were not processed until I installed acpid and added that to the daemon list (I removed laptop-mode).