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==Kernel modules==
The whole Kernel modules section is confusing. Is it mandatory? What exactly should we do?
==Other guy==
So, im a begginer on Linux.
By reading this page i couldnt learn how to use CUPS or to print a document in linux.
And its not the fist time i try reading this page.
There is no place saying "the job is done", so i need to keep reading everything, i dont know which parts of the text concerns me and which dont.
I mean ok, i must install a lot of things, its done, oh and i have to put "cupsd" on the DAEMONS array in the file /etc/rc.conf
(note that this file (rc.conf) is not cited, which could make even harder for people less experienced than me)
After install all that,...
Then what?
Thigs are working now? i can go to my open-office click on print and my printer will be there? what was this all about?
And other thing: I dont want to know about "web interface", im with my printer right next to me!, i just want to use it on linux.
Web Interface tutorial should be separated from the tutorial for normal usb printers, this way it is really confusing.
Well, i will try to read other manuals,
Sorry for my bad english, and for being irritated =P.
:Arch Linux is ''not'' targeted to Linux beginners (and we don't try to hide it at all): Archers never get "irritated" for not managing to make something work at the first attempt, instead they are willing to investigate their issues, trying to understand how it all works "under the hood". If you're not (yet) like this, or you need a ''readily'' working system for e.g. working purposes, I warmly suggest you first gain some experience with a friendlier distribution :) -- [[User:Kynikos|Kynikos]] 09:40, 28 April 2012 (UTC)
::I said i was sorry =P. Thank you for the revision! The new text is really good! -- [[User:Frox|Frox]] 00:32, 19 Jun 2012 (UTC)

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