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Kernel modules

The whole Kernel modules section is confusing. Is it mandatory? What exactly should we do?

- Other guy: Im a begginer, i couldnt learn how to use cups or to print a document. And its not the fist time i try reading this page, in no place is writen: "now you can print you document the normal way"

I mean ok, i must install a lot of things, its done, oh i have to put cupsd on the DAEMONS array in the file

/etc/rc.conf (note that this address is not cited, which could make harder for real beginers to understand)

Then what?

Thigs are working now? i can go to my open-office click on print and my printer will be there? what was this all about?

And other think i dont want to know about web interface, im with my printer right next to me!, i just want to use it on linux.

Web Interface should be separated from normal usb printers, its really confusing.

Well, i will try to read other manuals, i dont know if im installing a web-interface or a printer driver here, or a kernel module =/.

Sorry for my bad english, and for being irritated =P.