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Excluded shells

Among these and others I omitted:

  • esAUR - Wikipedia says "Stable release 0.9-beta1 (1997)" so I do not trust thuis one
  • pshAUR - Not sure what this actually is, if it is usable, etc.
  • sashAUR - Does not have a proper home page nor that much documentation so I do not trust this one.
  • busybox shell - It is a recovery interface, pretty difficult. But maybe a mention is worth...
  • dosbox - Does this suit the category?
  • python/ipython. - Does this suit?

Any suggestion? -- Flu (talk) 17:37, 31 August 2013 (UTC)

May move a section from Bash eventually

I think that Bash#Configuration could be moved here, making a comparison table of configuration files, how to define aliases and functions and maybe more.