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== Content ==
I suggest we keep out all specific configuration and simply try to inform the reader of server-usefull applications. There are numerous well maintained articles on ssh, ssl, LAMP, cups, samba and other services you'd like to have on your server, so I suggest to simply list these applications one may want to have on his / her server (along with a basic explenation of the program / service and the use of it on a server). We can then link to the atricles already available.
This will prevent having several wikis on installing / configuring LAMP / cups and other server choises while still maintaining a complete server guide.
Comments?--[[User:Stefanwilkens|stefanwilkens]] 19:50, 1 March 2009 (EST)
== Structure ==
Restructure suggestion, not structured towards the role of the server (web / database / file / router etc.) but structured towards specific parts of a server, explaining the role and use of the specific service.
* Introduction (to servers)
* Minimal required set-up (core installation + SSH for headless server)
* Web Services
** Apache
** PHP
** MySQL
** SSL
** E-Mail
** FTP
* Network Services
** Cups
** Samba
* Protection
** iptables
** denyhosts
** SELinux
* Server Adimistration
** SSH
** webmin
** CUPS web interface
* External Links
Comments?--[[User:Stefanwilkens|stefanwilkens]] 19:50, 1 March 2009 (EST)

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