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  • someone could please add description about the storage requirement of a archlinux mirror? --Rae 10:46, 28 June 2010 (EDT)
  • added --Romashka
  • i believe we should have an reference script here (maybe the links?) Pierre has some scripts but there's no explanation about them. -- tunix
  • Storage size for the repos is out of date. as of NOV 20, 2011: community->31G, core->460M, extra->11G, multilib->229M. others may need updating too.-- surlyjake
  • How much traffic should one expect from syncing alone? ernetas
  • The storage size is really out of date, as of 22.04.2014: iso->5G, pool/packages->11G, pool/community->26G, altogether around 42G. Goll
  • As for the traffic information, I can give an example from a Tier 2 mirror as of 22.04.2014, monthly outgoing traffic is around 200 GB, weekly unique IP's around 10.000. Goll