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Why should user and group be created at build time? This sounds really weird to me. Arch packages aren't supposed to be shared? You can very well build a package and not install it immediately.

In any cases, I think this task definitively needs to be made at install time. That is why it is always done in scriptlets. Now what you might want to do is somehow unifying this task inside the scriptlets. If that's the case, please add your proposal with the two functions there : FS#10375 and maybe edit the wiki accordingly. --shining 04:42, 19 May 2008 (EDT)

input group

Would you mind adding the following group to the list?:

  • input:103

I am using this group to allow access to input events for gizmod in AUR.

Add svn user and group

Just a suggestion: create/reserve UID 44 and GID 44 for snv user (subversion server)


Can we have UID and GID 97 set aside for mailman?

EDIT: 91 is used for video apparently, changed to 97

gdm group?

It seems gdm creates a group when installing as well. There's a bug against its current behaviour (bug 13690), I really think it should have a group with the same gid as its uid (120).

policykit is missing

Policy kit is missing from the table, it creates both a user and group with the same name. Currently it installs with a uid of 102. There's a bug against its behaviour when creating the group (bug 14507).


Pulseaudio creates one user (pulse : 130) and three groups (pulse : 130, pulse-access : 131, pulse-rt : 132).