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Is this the right place for a question?

If so: I wish to install multiple Drupal sites on my server so I do this:

  1. pacman -S drupal

I create a database and "cp -rv /usr/share/webapps/drupal/* /srv/http/mysite"

Everything works at ! Nice. Now comes site number 2.

I create a second database and "cp -rv /usr/share/webapps/drupal/* /srv/http/mysite2"

And this site is my first site but just at the different ( location? I thought I had copied clean files into the directory?

When I download the base packages from the Drupal site, I do go into the installation but it complains: "The directory sites/default/files does not exist."

What am I missing?

OK, forget about it... I specifically added each site location separately to "basedir" in "/etc/php/php.ini" and now it works.

With regard to the initial question, you should have posted this on the forums, wiki talk pages are meant only to discuss the articles, not personal problems. Good thing that you fixed it though, closed. -- Kynikos (talk) 11:41, 29 April 2013 (UTC)