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I got interested in this page because I wanted to do exactly this. I really think the article could use some serious cleanup, but I didn't want to change anything major until it was discussed first.

First, we have two partition tables in the article.

Second, the article should discuss ways of sharing files between arch and windows (i.e. ntfs-3g, fs-driver, vfat, etc).

Third, at the top it says logical partitions are needed, but then at the bottom someone added that logical partitions cannot be used to dual boot arch. This is not true, I am dual booting just fine with arch in a logical partition. I used this article to do it:, but I am not sure if that is the only way to do so. The advantage to following the directions in article is for those who have Windows installed already, but no boot partition in front. It will use the Windows boot loader to load GRUB, which will load arch. What I would like to see mentioned is whether this will work with lvm or not. I am thinking it should.

Fourth, and finally, (and this is a minor point), you do not HAVE to install Windows before arch. You would only use the Windows disk to run fixboot and fixmbr to overwrite the MBR with the Windows MBR. I don't know if this works with earlier versions of Windows, but it works for XP. So, the article should probably have different approaches to the problem, depending on what the user currently has set up. (You shouldn't have to smoke Windows to dual boot).

Barring any objections, I will go ahead and start implementing some of my changes.