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Install and configure and start the PostgreSQL, then do this to create gitea user and db: Switch to posgres user: $ $ sudo -u postgres -i Start create db wizzard: $ createuser --interactive name gitea, superuser: yes (no idea if its needed) then createdb named gitea using gitea user (its ok to launch the createdb command as regular user as well) $ createdb gitea -U gitea then try access the the DB via localhost, cause that's how the gittea will try to access it $ psql -d gitea -h -W (host localhost and -W without anything for empty password)

Now to edit the /etc/gitea/app.ini PostgreSQL Default PostgreSQL port is 5432 if you haven't changed it

[database] DB_TYPE = postgres HOST =;5432 NAME = gitea PASSWD = USER = postgres SSL_MODE = disable

TODO setup a password, SSL_MODE wanted?