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I just created this page (my first Wiki page!), as I think a popular device such as the iPhone warrants its own page, seeing as, say, the Huawei E220 has one. Please add your own findings to the section for using virtualization to enable USB tethering from within a Windows guest.


Just followed these instructions using blueman (albiet in Xfce4) and found them to work perfectly! Will add instruction to pair device, also change Gnome to Gnome/Xfce4. PIMPinator 11:16, 12 March 2010 (EST)

Added the libimobiledevice section

I just added the section su tether using libimobiledevice + ipheth works great for me, and it's native. Hope it works to everyone

about netcfg/tethering, and having an old laptop without bluetooth...

I wrote my netcfg script, using libimobiledevice+ipheth+usbmuxd (no pand, no bluetooth, ...)

 DESCRIPTION="Ethernet via usbmux tethering to iPhone"
 PRE_UP="usbmuxd -u -U usbmux && /lib/udev/ipheth-pair"
 POST_DOWN="usbmuxd -u -U usbmux"

I've got a last problem (and that's why I'm not committing it to the page, but in discussions). That's not a big deal - at least if you don't pay for tethering...

When I "netcfg down" the connection, everything looks fine on the PC (no link anymore). But on the phone, I still have got the "blue-top-of-screen-thing" (sorry for my english, and my lack of vocabulary...), meaning that the phone is still tethering, while the PC is not...