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1. Is "--no-check-certificate" needed for wget?

2. Article says: "If you do not mind littering your install host, you can extract all the downloaded tar balls into your root directory by running as root: ... However, keep in mind that this operation could erase some of your files, and break your system."

Why is this suggested? Wouldn't it be better and safer to put the files elsewhere and just add to $PATH again like it did in the previous section?

3. After "Finishing touches", it says: "See Beginners Guide:Configure the system. You can ignore 2.11, ..."

However, there is no 2.11... I'm guessing it meant ignore "Install bootloader"?

Zeniff (talk) 19:20, 19 July 2012 (UTC)

Problems with the "Alternate, Simpler" method

Users should be aware that the script seems to require a full-blown bash shell. Neither Debian nor Ubuntu rescue environments were able to run it as they both use stripped down shells. Also, neither rescue environment has xz installed so even trying to brute force it as I did, won't work.

The last paragraph was a real killer. "You will still need to do any final configuration touches as you would in a normal Arch install" should link to something or else the section should begin with a disclaimer not to try this unless you already know how to do a "normal Arch install."

  • You tried to brute force it? ...trying to brute force xz uncompression, without having xz... does not make a lot of sense ^_^ (sudo all you want, that is not gonna make xz appear, :P) I don't think is necessary to explain that is a requirement to know how to do a normal arch install; installing from another distro is an expert installation method, one that is a bit harder to do than the vanilla, official way. Users should not be trying to do such thing if they can't even do a vanilla install. Anyway, I'm preparing a tutorial for a different way, one that is similar to the alternate way, and that can be used instead of that one (using the minimalist and simple style of the wiki)... and yeah, I'm going to mention the official install guide.

Chrisl (talk) 05:52, 6 November 2012 (UTC)