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Revision as of 07:31, 29 November 2013 by Nsmathew (talk | contribs) (Additional info while installing on VMWare player 6.0.1)
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Update coming

At this moment i am writing a large update, but for the time being:

  • paravirtualisation (Intel VT / AMD-V) is not supported any longer in VMware products, except the long-time-not-update VMware Server
  • use always vmxnet3 or e1000 adapter, unless you have a legacy vm (< hw version 7), the pcnet32 driver will not be loaded.
  • mouse / keyboard issues fixed a long time ago
  • have to test Unity again, but it need at least uniparser from [community]
  • vmware-toolbox does not exist any longer
  • vmhgfs problem solved
  • vmci: can be or enabled, or restricted, not disabled. The output from dmesg is always the same !

I am updating the dutch page right now

-- inktvis75 2012-03-17

Additional info while installing on VMWare player 6.0.1

I had to do a few additional things while installing on VMWare player wrt the Official VMWare tools. The kernel version was 3.12 and vmware player was 6.0.1. To highlight the points:

  • I did not get the tools ISO with my VMware player installation and had to source it from one of the vmware websites.
  • The source for the vmci module had to be replaced with one which I found from the vmware forums in the tools .
  • A patch had to be applied vmhgfs module source

If someone could let me know if any of this info would be qualify to go into the wiki then I can add them in. It might help someone trying to install on VMWare player. Nsmathew (talk) 07:31, 29 November 2013 (UTC) nsmathew