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== GPT-centric ==
#redirect [[Talk:Mkinitcpio]]
Why does this article make it seem as if GPT disks are the only option? btrfs is fine on MBR disks. In fact the entire section on GPT partitioning is generic and entirely irrelevant to using btrfs for root. The section should merely point to gpt or mbr partitioning pages.
== rewrite ==
I have removed the relevant "disputed, unconfirmed blabla" bits about syslinux. Updated the part on installing the syslinux bootloader and added links to relevant parts of the syslinux wiki.The system install part still needs some changes to reflect the use of the AIS (arch-chroot, pacstrap etc). --[[User:Flako|Flako]] ([[User talk:Flako|talk]]) 08:46, 1 September 2012 (UTC)

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