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Hello folks,
1) seen the uproar in the Forums over the move from KDE3.5.9 to KDE4.1 and<br>
2) seeing that this most likely would not be reversed due to time constraints of the package manager<br>
3) that no one else seems to be updating this page in a timely manner<br>
I took it upon myself to make an attempt at making it more up-to-date and informative.<br>
My id in the Arch Linux website is archdave (email: leutzdave@charter.net)<br>
The KDE Package Maintainer is Pierre (Jabber: pierre@jabber.archlinux.de)<br>
Good Luck with it!
Don't Fight the Future (a poor attempt at humor, I know :) )
I changed quite a bit of this page and merged the KDE4 article; there were numerous down-right errors, for example advice to start up both hal and dbus when only hal should be started(hal starts up dbus automatically), so before reverting me i would appreciate to take it up on this page for discussion unless you are 100% certain :-)
(6-Aug-2009) Wiki page updated for KDE 4.3 (Flamelab)
Deprecated for KDE 4.4: Hmm
1)The Policykit section --> it isn't in Systemsettings due to polkit-1 incompatibilities.
2)The gstreamer/xine --> what's default now ?

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