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Hello folks,

1) seen the uproar in the Forums over the move from KDE3.5.9 to KDE4.1 and
2) seeing that this most likely would not be reversed due to time constraints of the package manager
3) that no one else seems to be updating this page in a timely manner

I took it upon myself to make an attempt at making it more up-to-date and informative.
My id in the Arch Linux website is archdave (email:
The KDE Package Maintainer is Pierre (Jabber:

Good Luck with it! Don't Fight the Future (a poor attempt at humor, I know :) )


I changed quite a bit of this page and merged the KDE4 article; there were numerous down-right errors, for example advice to start up both hal and dbus when only hal should be started(hal starts up dbus automatically), so before reverting me i would appreciate to take it up on this page for discussion unless you are 100% certain :-)

thanks. -K


(6-Aug-2009) Wiki page updated for KDE 4.3 (Flamelab)


Deprecated for KDE 4.4: Hmm

1)The Policykit section --> it isn't in Systemsettings due to polkit-1 incompatibilities. 2)The gstreamer/xine --> what's default now ?

Small thing to correct?

In this section, when using the "Manual procedure" one can't write into ~/.gtkrc-2.0 because it only links to ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4 so any changes should go there.

Is this correct and can I change it?