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Hello folks,

1) seen the uproar in the Forums over the move from KDE3.5.9 to KDE4.1 and
2) seeing that this most likely would not be reversed due to time constraints of the package manager
3) that no one else seems to be updating this page in a timely manner

I took it upon myself to make an attempt at making it more up-to-date and informative.
My id in the Arch Linux website is archdave (email:
The KDE Package Maintainer is Pierre (Jabber:

Good Luck with it! Don't Fight the Future (a poor attempt at humor, I know :) )


I changed quite a bit of this page and merged the KDE4 article; there were numerous down-right errors, for example advice to start up both hal and dbus when only hal should be started(hal starts up dbus automatically), so before reverting me i would appreciate to take it up on this page for discussion unless you are 100% certain :-)

thanks. -K


(6-Aug-2009) Wiki page updated for KDE 4.3 (Flamelab)


Deprecated for KDE 4.4: Hmm

1)The Policykit section --> it isn't in Systemsettings due to polkit-1 incompatibilities. 2)The gstreamer/xine --> what's default now ?

Small thing to correct?

In this section, when using the "Manual procedure" one can't write into ~/.gtkrc-2.0 because it only links to ~/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4 so any changes should go there.

Is this correct and can I change it?

KDE 4.4.4 breaks multiple monitor support (worked great in 4.4.3)

Ever since I upgraded to KDE 4.4.4 from 4.4.3, the support for multiple monitors has degraded significantly. For example, right now the task bar on my high-resolution monitor is only as wide as the resolution of my low-resolution monitor. Additionally, some apps (e.g., Songbird and the KDE "Start" menu) get "stuck" in the middle of my high resolution monitor. It is as if they think they're at the bottom of my low-resolution monitor. However, other apps (e.g.,, Firefox) are fine.

I'm going to roll back to KDE 4.4.3 because these problems make KDE 4.4.4 unusable for me. I'm not sure where to file a bug report because there are so many kde and kdebase packages. <?> Any help? —TedPavlic (talk/contrib/@) 12:30, 6 June 2010 (EDT)

Useless stuff

i just want to point out that this article does not really follow the KISS-principle :-) it is so blown with so much stuff that should either be left out as a whole like:

-First login on KDE is slow (so? i do not think that anyone will be upset about that because everyone will boot at least two times until this gets annoying. and everyone who has used KDE before is already aware of that fact)

-I encounter problems with automounting (or) KDE behaves strangely for no apparent reason (what kind of a title is that anyway and i do not see how this is related to KDE anyhow. everyone who does a pacman -S kdebase or whatever will be just rebooting after enabling runlevel 5 everything is fine.)

-Qt updating problem during upgrading from KDE SC 4.3 (or previous version) to KDE SC 4.4 (this shouldn't be an issue anymore since everyone installing kde right now will be installing 4.4.4 and i think everyone who uses it, has upgraded already)

-The Chakra Project (should get an own wiki-page and should only be mentioned either right from the beginning or at the end. but this is just wack)

-Phonon (this part is very thin. just an explanation taken from wikipedia does not explain very much in a nice way. so either someone is willing to extend it or it should be deleted. moreover phonon is doing a quite nice an unobstrusive job. so one could easily just leave it out)

-Akonadi and external MySQL-Server (does this concern any regular desktop user? i never even cam across this issue or anything related to that. sorry if i am wrong) Labello

About KDEmod

I deleted all reference to KDEmod, because the chakra project is dead. see!.html

I left only the heading in relation to KDE#Unofficial community repository for KDEmod3, because it's maintained by Elvaka.

veleno77 12:33 2011-01-02

Uh, for clarification, Chakra isn't dead, only the kdemod repos. Chakra is still kicking on.

yes .. yes ... I made a mistake, sorry veleno77 22:02 2011-01-11

knotify4 process constantly uses CPU time

WRT "It's a bug with Gstreamer phonon back-end" it would be great if the upstream bug could be linked here. Doing so gives the reader a natural springboard to additional information. Are there other workarounds or a patch I can test? Is this still a current issue? Is this really true? When might it be fixed?

Not only does it add credibility to the article, but at some point when the bug is fixed, the section talking about the bug becomes cruft. If a bug tracker is linked, it makes for easier cleanup. James Eder 11:48, 21 May 2011 (EDT)