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Required packages

This page should probably include a list of the packages or groups *required* to use KDE. I’d like to try KDE, but I really don’t like bloat (coming from awesomewm, so…). I’d think `kdebase` was just the required stuff, but it includes more than I what I would guess are the very base system (`kdebase-konqueror`, really?)… not to mention I can’t find which package *is* that ‘very base system’ (the `kde` package is a group).

Removal of Package List

I was wondering why the package list has been removed. I found it very useful, and often referred to it to find a particular KDE package/group. Whilst I realise that I can search with Pacman, it was much easier and quicker to refer to this page.

I also think that restoring the package list would help with situations like in the comment above, as one would know which packages are in kde-base, and just add them on one at a time until things worked.

-1 from me. These lists would quickly become outdated and would do more harm than good, misinforming about what packages are available in what groups.
I seriously doubt searching through pacman is much slower than checking the wiki. -- Karol 13:32, 27 November 2011 (EST)