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Revision as of 05:46, 19 February 2014 by Rdahlgren (talk | contribs) (Added call for 'make modules')
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Style of Address

Who is the "I" mentioned in Kernels#Patches and Patchsets? First-person address doesn't fit the style of this wiki. The form of address should be changed to pose a more neutral style. Qguv (talk) 15:37, 14 August 2013 (UTC)

Agreed, feel free to make changes. Be sure to follow this. Thank you for your diligence. T1nk3r3r (talk) 02:36, 20 August 2013 (UTC)

Regression Testing

Would it be valuable to add a section or article on doing kernel regression testing using git? Ideally, such an article would cover everything from git clone to the bug-report itself.

Given that we are a highly up to date release, we do live on the edge of new commits. It seems likely that we are some of the first in the "general" public that encounter regressions and I'd like to encourage people to track down these issues in a decent manner.--stefanwilkens (talk) 08:31, 3 October 2012 (UTC)

This sounds like a good idea, please go on and try to interlink the new article with the others it's related with. In general, keep Help:Style#Hypertext metaphor in mind ;) -- Kynikos (talk) 13:56, 3 October 2012 (UTC)


Whatever Gensplash was, it appears now not to be a patchset, but rather a set of utilities for init. [Reference page] Why is it mentioned here? T1nk3r3r (talk) 18:39, 23 May 2013 (UTC)

Missing 'make modules' command

The article mentions 'make module_install' without explicitly calling for 'make modules' - this will result in a lot of `cp` errors. Rdahlgren (talk) 05:46, 19 February 2014 (UTC)