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Open Issues

Fingerprint reader

See, especially the 9a branch.

Device id: 06cb:009a

Status as of 04/2018: "Init works, leds work, scan doesn't work yet"

Deep sleep (S3)

Possible solutions:

  • Update of UEFI firmware to allow S3 sleep instead of Si03, i.e. an alternative BIOS for Linux users
  • Making Linux play nicely with Si03, which means:
    • Activating acpi.ec_no_wakeup=1, which sacrifices the functionality of opening the lid to return from suspend
    • Fixing the SD-Card reader to consume less power in Si03
  • Patching the DSDT tables as noted on delta-xi and the forums (potentially dangerous and does not play nicely with BIOS updates)

--Mrfaber (talk) 22:42, 18 April 2018 (UTC)