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==Classification method==
Please start new discussion in [[Talk:List of Applications]].
Currently, games are first divided in Free/Reimplemented/Commercial/Emulators/MMO and only then they are grouped by genre. I'd like to see the opposite, i.e. first group by genre (also in [[Template:Games navigation]]) and only inside each genre make the distinction between native/emulators, free/commercial and whatever distinction better suits that particular genre.
Note that this topic has already been briefly touched on in [[Talk:Common_Applications/Games/MMO#MMOG]] by me and AlexanderR, but more opinions are needed.
-- [[User:Kynikos|Kynikos]] 08:45, 5 February 2012 (EST)
:+1 -- when browsing games, one would logically search by genre first. The genre classification scheme is more consistent with the other Common Applications pages, too, where applications are organized by type first, then by UI/platform (graphical or console). -- [[User:Pointone|pointone]] 12:25, 4 March 2012 (EST)
::In my opinion the classification is really confusing (not very KISS! ;)) It's hard to guess whether a game should belong to ''Native - Reimplemented'' or ''Native - Commercial'', or MMO (some of them are also commercial). There is a Humble Indie Bundle section, but a game cannot be categorized this way, since all HIB games are also sold by other means (like Steam - which also has its own section). Besides ''Native - Free'' is sorted by genre, but it's the only one. Some entries use the Application template, other do not, some entries are not even games (see the Quake part). All this can be treacherous because if you look only in the wrong sections, you might miss some games. So you end up using the browser search function... In the end sections become rather useless. My suggestion:
* Merge the [[Netbook Games]] page.
* Create a game template which features the genres (should ''always be a list, since it's hard to stick to one precise genre), the license (proprietary), optionnaly the distribution system (Steam, HIB).
* The article should only contain a list of games sorted alphabetically. That's the only KISS-way to sort, after all.
* Move ''Emulators'' to a separate article.
* ''Digital Distribution'' should be removed / merged into the rest of the list.
--[[User:Ambrevar|Ambrevar]] ([[User talk:Ambrevar|talk]]) 07:51, 5 July 2013 (UTC)

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Please start new discussion in Talk:List of Applications.