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mzanetti, thanks for starting this page. a few comments I'd like to discuss before editing them:

- 3.4(.6?) does boot. I used it before I switched to [testing] and the 3.5.0 kernel. It boots from usb for the install, right?

- [testing] also contains a nvidia driver (302.17-6) that works well. No need of the AUR one.

- It is a matter of taste, but I find that direct efi booting from the kernel works better than using grub (or any bootloader). Plus, there is no bootloader to install and setup (but you trade that for having to place the kernel in the EFI disk partition and not forgetting to copy it later when the kernel is upgraded -although there are solution to do that automatically through a mkinitcpio hook).

- Nice trick about the b43 firmware copied for installation. I had a usb to ethernet adapter so I didn't have to go through this. However, from your page, it is not clear how you copy the b43 directory to the install media. Another USB? You copied it to the mac partition and you mount the mac partition from the installer?

- "nointremap" is enough to boot and I believe is less restrictive than "noapic" (not sure about this one).

[edit] ok, I edited the page to include the comments above. I'm in Oz, so with the time difference any discussion takes ages...