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rsync errors in tier2 mirrors

It is possible for arch mirrors to be in an inconsistent state if rsync fails at some point. This is due to mirrors not generating their own package databases but rather copying the one from lower tier mirrors. In these cases, trying to grab a package from these mirrors may result in a 404 error due to incomplete syncing. The method described in Tier 2 requirements does not adequately protect this case.

The following code will re-run rsync if it ever fails to ensure mirrors are properly synced.

until [[ RET -eq 0 && COUNTER -gt 0 ]]; do
 rsync -rtlH --safe-links --delete-after --progress -h --timeout=600 --contimeout=60 -p \
             --delay-updates --no-motd --bwlimit=4096 \
             --temp-dir="/tmp" \
             --exclude='*.links.tar.gz*' \
             --exclude='/other' \
             --exclude='/sources' \
             --exclude='/iso' \
       'rsync://' \
       "/srv/repo" &&

List by speed procedure

Looking at the procedure for Mirrors#List_by_speed it seems a bit odd to me that it suggests editing the backup that was taken of the local mirror list. I would think the instructions should either suggest creating a second working copy to delete once completed or, since a backup has already been taken, just modify the mirrorlist in place rather than modifying the backup.


Ocelotsloth (talk) 03:04, 24 April 2019 (UTC)