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I think that /etc/systemd/system/auto_share.service should contain the following line after Description:


The rationale for this is that you need to wait for the network to be up and running before attempting an NFS connect from client-side. You also need to perform the NFS mountings before making user sessions available, because the latter may be dependent on the former. For example, my bash profile is stored on a remote server, so I need NFS drives mounted before I even attempt a login. On some systems, maybe the whole home directory is on a different computer (as would be the case for thin clients), meaning that they should definitely be mounted before users can log in.

You need to enable NetworkManager-wait-online.service like so:

# systemctl enable NetworkManager-wait-online

I can't help thinking that this is a bit of a kludge in any event, and is a scenario that should be handled automatically by systemd.

/etc/systemd/system/auto_share.service is a bad place to create the file. Instead, do it in the standard way by creating it as /lib/systemd/system/auto_share.service and re-enabling it using the command

# systemctl reenable auto_share.service

--Blippy (talk) 20:24, 8 September 2013 (UTC)