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Anyone else having problems accessing punkrockguy's repository?

Default behaviour of mount

The page used to claim that `mount` uses `ntfsmount` from the ntfsprogs package when ntfs-3g is not explicitly stated. This appears to be incorrect (probably outdated), as the ntfs-3g package includes a symlink, /sbin/mount.ntfs, which is used by `mount` on default and points to /bin/ntfs-3g. Correct me if i'm wrong.

Nope, not gonna correct you, TaylanUB. Just tested an you're right. By default (in Arch) it uses ntfs-3g now. So this is good news. I think the install cd might still but for regular installs, we're good. Thanks for the updated information. Fixing.
--Gen2ly 18:58, 9 April 2010 (EDT)