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GNOME 3 and nm-applet

Looks like GNOME 3 doesn't need nm-applet any more. Moreover, it competes with the shell's network agent for new connections. Does anyone copy this? Should this be mentioned on the page?

DHCP service is enabled by default

Wiki quote: "Connect to the internet A DHCP service is already enabled for all available devices."

DHCP IS ENABLED BY DEFAULT according to this, is it not true?

Why do you Scimmia and Lahwaacz insist on NOT allowing some detailed clarity on this issue? I was given the excuse, oh we can't have systemctl commands here, they belong in systemctl section of wiki. WTF I call bullshit on this ... look at all the other wiki subjects that contain the required systemctl commands!

I see more than one attempt to clarify "fix" this issue have been deleted by you, and your insistence that the "note" completely covers it. Now you've made it worse by removing the note from configure section and placing it in the install area!

This needs to be in the beginning of the configure section:

You must stop and disable the following service before NM will work :

  1. systemctl stop dhcpcd.service
  2. systemctl disable dhcpcd.service

Then the note:

Note: It may be a good idea to use systemctl --type=service to ensure that no other service is running that may want to configure the network. Multiple networking services will conflict.

Then why not explain what to look for with this command specifically? Why not mention stop and disable it with the above commands?

How could this so hard for such intelligent people to understand? Do you have some other motivation to not include it?